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My first rebuilt engine

Subject: My first rebuilt engine
Date: Sun, 24 Jul 2005 17:47:12 EDT
Hi all-
This is the first engine I've rebuilt... for my 1972 MGB.  I'm having  an 
ignition fault which I'm sure I can figure out for myself, but what concerns  
is the oil pressure when crankiing the engine.
I've cranked the engine 3-5  times so far, for a few seconds each time  to 
check for a spark.  The oil pressure needle has not budged.  The  oil filter is 
still dry.  I SWEAR I put the gasket in between the oil pump  and the block.  
Am I just too nervous?  How long should it take to  fill up that oil cooler 
and come back?  Does the oil go though the cooler  first or the filter?

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