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Re: My first rebuilt engine

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Subject: Re: My first rebuilt engine
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Date: Sun, 24 Jul 2005 18:14:43 -0400
Pull the plugs out and let the engine spin freely on the starter. The oil 
pressure should come up but I've seen it take 20 to 30 seconds for the 
needle to move. Once it comes up you will know the oil has fully circulated 
and the filter will be full. Then put the plugs back in and fire her up.
Rich Chrysler

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Subject: My first rebuilt engine

> Hi all-
> This is the first engine I've rebuilt... for my 1972 MGB.  I'm having  an
> ignition fault which I'm sure I can figure out for myself, but what 
> concerns  me
> is the oil pressure when crankiing the engine.
> I've cranked the engine 3-5  times so far, for a few seconds each time  to
> check for a spark.  The oil pressure needle has not budged.  The  oil 
> filter is
> still dry.  I SWEAR I put the gasket in between the oil pump  and the 
> block.
> Am I just too nervous?  How long should it take to  fill up that oil 
> cooler
> and come back?  Does the oil go though the cooler  first or the filter?
> John

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