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RE: Turn signal problem

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Subject: RE: Turn signal problem
From: "Howard Battan" <>
Date: Mon, 25 Jul 2005 12:58:07 -0700
Thanks. I haven't checked to see if a full 12v is reaching the bulb - good
idea. I should have thought of it. 

The bulbs fit fully in the socket without hitting the light fixture, so that
doesn't appear to be it.

I'll try the voltage check next. 

'57 MGA
'79 MGB

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Subject: RE: Turn signal problem

There was a BBC program on driving schools.  There was a woman who refused
to turn right across traffic and would make 3 lefts to get to her objective.
Maybe you can do the reverse and only turn right.  Remember 2 wrongs don't
make a right but 3 lefts do.

Do you have 12 volts to the bulb holder?  A test light will tell you if you
do.  If so then it is the contact between the bulb and the holder.  If no 12
volts then you need to work back. I have noticed that the bulb holder on my
A seems to be kind of deep for the bulb, when you push in the bulb the glass
hits the holder as you twist it to seat.  Is there a bulb with a longer neck
before it bulbs out?

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