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Re: New distributor

To: "Mike Torrusio" <>, <>
Subject: Re: New distributor
From: "Paul Hunt" <>
Date: Thu, 28 Jul 2005 19:01:35 +0100
Do you mean 'there is now a hose to the intake manifold', or 'there is no
hose to the manifold'?

25D4 distributors have a vernier adjustment as part of the vacuum capsule,
the capsule is slightly loose in the distributor body, 45D4s don't and the
vacuum capsule should be rigid.  The vernier adjusts timing, not dwell.
Dwell can only be adjusted by slackening the screw holding the points to the
points plate and using a screwdriver in the notches provided to tweak it
slightly one way or the other till you get it right.  A dwell meter is a
much more accurate way of measuring dwell, and can be done without
disturbing anything.  It also ignores the spikes that develop on points,
which a feeler gauge can't, which means you should find you can go much
longer without having to readjust the dwell.  You often have to wiggle the
vacuum capsule while turning the vernier thumb-wheel to get it to turn.  An
adjustable timing light is a good investment, it will tell you much more
than simply setting the timing statically.


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> I looked carefully at the distributor and noticed that
> 1) there is now hose to the intake manifold;
> 2) the vacuum disk ( my description of the place where the hose would
> attach) wobbles when touched and
> 3) the vernier for adjusting dwell (see how fast I'm learning the
> lingo?) if frozen
> So I bought a new distributor - which has its own interesting points.
> For example, there is no vernier on the new distributor which leaves me
> to wonder how best to adjust the dwell.

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