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Re: The Jamaican

Subject: Re: The Jamaican
Date: Fri, 11 Aug 2006 19:21:57 EDT
In a message dated 11/08/2006 3:50:18 PM Pacific Standard Time, writes:

Hey  Bill,
I just noticed you posted on GRM that you got
the  engine running over the weekend. Way cool!


And really fortunate if you think about it. No  carbs to jiggle, no 
distributor to waggle back and forth, nothing to do but  stand there with your 
open if a modern injected engine fails to light up,  not quite knowing where 
should start....;-)
Just so you don't think everything went  perfectly, it did assert its 
inherent Britishness - the bloody fuel tank started  leaking after I had boiled 
out and all. New one on order (you MGB guys get  all the cheap prices, compared 
to us poor MGA types!)
But the non-British part failed to spray fuel  out of the injection hoses at 
40 PSI, and failed to leak oil all over, so I  guess it balances out.
Exhaust note was more mellow than I had feared  considering the rather short 
muffler I could fit in, too!

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