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Carb issue

To: <>
Subject: Carb issue
From: "Steve Johnson" <>
Date: Sat, 12 Aug 2006 11:19:49 -0400

My 1973 MGB was driving nicely early in the summer. I parked it for quite a
while in an insulated garage during an extended wet spell. To shorten the
story, electrical components from the coil to plug wires were replaced.
Finally got it running -- barely. It turns out that fuel is constantly pushed
through the carbs to the point that fuel was exiting out the vapor recover
charcoal canister. I had some advice to pull the top of the carbs to see if
the float was stuck. I did that and turned the key on without starting it and
there as a fountain maybe two inches tall. Following that same advice, I
lightly tapped the carb hoping to dislodge something if it was sticking on the
float valve. Now there is just quarter inch or so fountain of gas on BOTH
carbs and the fuel is passing out the overflow vapor recovery tube. I'm
looking for suggestion on a solution as I don't think this is suppose to

Thank.   Steve

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