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Subject: Re: Off topic - computer question
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Date: Mon, 14 Aug 2006 16:31:02 -0400
They sell the ink jet printers for a song and then get it back on the
cartridges at up to $50 each. Once saw a black ink cost breakdown per text
page at Costco, don't remember the number but it might have been 10 cents.
Never mind doing color prints.

I've been the discount and refill route, but am thinking next to buy a B/W
laser printer. Seen them in office environments printing daily and requiring
one $130 cartridge per year.

60 MGA, 67 etype, 59 Bugeye

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Subject: Off topic - computer question

> I am getting increasingly annoyed by my HP 1500 colour printer.  It
> consumes those incredibly small cartridges at a prodigious rate and I
> do not print all that much.  Can anyone recommend a printer that
> works and is cheap on ink?     Incidentally, I found the HP scanner
> which is part of the1500,a pig and have re-installed my Epson which,
> although has its logic problems, is easier to use.

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