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Date: Mon, 14 Aug 2006 17:28:09 -0400
Take a look at the Canon Pixma.  It is a nice printer, less than $100 and I
found ink on line for about $6 a cartridge.  (remaned and guaranteed - never
had a problem)  I only go through 2-4 per year.  I shopped cartridges before
I even looked at a printer.  A friend gave me a Dell printer last year and
it was great for a few months.  The original cartridges are not filled to
capacity and the replacements cost more than a new printer.  Just threw it

I tried the laser for a while and was very satisfied except it was not color
and the remaned cartridge was well over $100.  Whatever type you choose,
shop the cartridges first, you'll be much better off in the long run.

Also check with Office Depot.  One of ours put a really nice comparison
sheet together of all their printers.  Gives the printer specs and cartridge
costs too.
NFI etc.

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Mike, Barrie and others.

On 8/14/06, Mike L <> wrote:
> They sell the ink jet printers for a song and then get it back on the
> cartridges at up to $50 each. Once saw a black ink cost breakdown per text
> page at Costco, don't remember the number but it might have been 10 cents.
> Never mind doing color prints.
> I've been the discount and refill route, but am thinking next to buy a B/W
> laser printer. Seen them in office environments printing daily and
> one $130 cartridge per year.

I have gone down the laser printer route -- good quality used HP
printers are available on eBay and others. The older HP Laser printers
are very reliable.

Then, buy remanufactured cartridges and they become cheap to run. The
remanufactured cartridges are available for less than half the cost of
buying a new cartridge on the high street.  You don't need to pay $130
-- maybe only $50-$60.


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