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Re: Drivers's side door latch

To: "McDowell, Jeffrey B. MC1" <>,
Subject: Re: Drivers's side door latch
From: "Paul Hunt" <>
Date: Wed, 16 Aug 2006 15:02:36 +0100
Is the circular slotted piece that engages the bar on the striker plate
stuck (i.e. the door won't close far enough) or free to rotate back and fore
i.e. the door closes fully but springs open again?  If the former then free
the stuck item, if the latter then the rod from the opening handle is jammed
in the open position, or something inside the lock ditto.  Buying new is a
last resort in my book.


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> I have a problem that is mystifying me. Yester I went to close the
> side door and it just didn't latch. I inspected the door components and
> can't figure out what's preventing it from "grabbing" and staying securely
> closed.

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