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Re: Rear Shock Link

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Subject: Re: Rear Shock Link
From: "Paul Hunt" <>
Date: Thu, 17 Aug 2006 10:19:40 +0100
Weld it?  I went back to standard lever arms from crap Spax but
unfortunately picked up the shorter (used) links.  I cut and shut them,
using a section out of an old front lower A-arm bolt which is the same
diameter, and also used the spacer tube welded over the welded section of
bolt for added strength.

Another respondent seems to indicate the drop links are handed - they are
not, the parts catalogue shows one part number and a quantity of 2.  There
is also nothing necessarily wrong with used parts (although some braking
parts would be unwise), nor is there any need to go replacing things
wholesale just for one broken part.  Having said that while you are under
there the rebound straps could be changed if they pre-date your ownership
and show signs of deterioration.  But that could open another can of worms
with seized and broken nuts and bolts, to say nothing of crap replacement
parts which will snap as soon as they are asked to take the weight of the
axle and the pressure of the springs.


----- Original Message ----- 
> Anyone out there have a right REAR shock absorber link to spare (moss #
> 267-645)?  While recently inspecting my car for some strange handling, I
> noticed my right rear shock link was broken!  I need one from a rubber
> bumper car (slightly longer than the chrome ones due to ride height).  It
> is symmetrical (L or R).

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