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Re: Damaged MGA Engine?

Subject: Re: Damaged MGA Engine?
From: Bob Howard <>
Date: Thu, 17 Aug 2006 06:55:06 -0400
   Interesting idea.   Cadillac, among others at one time, used a
floating sort of indicator that showed oil level in the sump.  There
wasn't a dipstick as we know it, but a rod, approx 3/16 inch, protruding
from a hole in the block casting.  One read the markings on the exposed
part of the rod to learn the oil level in the sump.
   Back to the oil level idea---assuming that we have about 4 quarts in
the sump when all oil has drained back, how much oil is out of the sump
and circulating in the engine when engine is running?

On Tue, 15 Aug 2006 19:32:52 -0500 "Bob Donahue" <>
> IMHO: I think what we really need is an oil level sensor. A warning 
> that the oil is getting low would be much more useful and timely than
the - 
> oh my gosh, there's no oil pressure because the oil level dropped below

> the pick-up. To me an oil pressure gauge is just another component that

> can leak oil. (And then warn you about it too late!)
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> >  These switches are often found on marine diesel engines and on 
> engines for generator sets.
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