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RE: Single battery

To: "'MG List'" <>
Subject: RE: Single battery
From: "Roger Los" <>
Date: Thu, 17 Aug 2006 21:21:45 -0700
| Group 26 is the size. Look out, some have a big flange on the 
| bottom for some cockamamie bottom-based hold-down system -- 
| if you get one of these you'll have to saw it off. Definitely 
| get one with a handle or strap so you can easily get it back 
| out -- they fit a little snug.
| Sears Gold fit fine. My new Kragen's one had a flange which I 
| eliminated -- 30 seconds with a hacksaw.

Max and others, many thanks for the group ID. My local NAPA had a 26R on the
shelf, which was great, the reversed posts were exactly right for my
positive ground car. Had to do the hacksaw surgery Max mentioned, but
otherwise went right in. In the process, the sole remaining press-on Lucas
cable end was sacrificed in the name of getting a decent connection, sadly.
(For 43 years old the cable end was in very good condition.)

Roger Los
'63 MGB
'64 MGB (in pieces)

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