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Moss Parts Update

Subject: Moss Parts Update
Date: Mon, 21 Aug 2006 09:58:07 EDT
I had the gas tank on the Jamaican/MGA boiled out and it still managed to  
leak even though it tested fine.
I decided to replace the tank and keep the old one as a possible spare. I  
ordered the Moss tank, with expectation that it would probably vary from  
original spec (internal baffles are expensive to manufacture, for instance) and 
very pleasantly surprised when I got it.
Baffles were present, and even a few extra impressed reinforcements in the  
ends of the tank (prevents 'oil-canning'). Dimensions are very good with the  
exception of the length of the filler (1/4" longer than stock) and that won't  
affect anyone with a stock installation (as my fuel injection return that 
dumps  into the filler neck was already built it did cause me a little 
modification -  no big deal).  Well done on the gas tank, guys!
OTOH, I bought some new MGA 1500 style front turn signal lights made in  
Taiwan according to the box.(rather ironically used to illustrate the page in  
new catalogue as an example of the care they take with new parts - psst -  
take some more care with your printer - my catalogue was missing 20 pages in 
The socket is oversize so that the bulb wanders and does not make reliable  
contact and the round phenolic disc that holds the two contacts in place in the 
 socket is 0.20" thick - little better than heavy paper and a strange place 
to  save money. One of mine came with one of the tabs that orients the assembly 
in  the socket already broken off. The stock item uses a similar metarial 
about 3  times as thick.
Make them so that the bulb fits the socket and the darned thing does the  job 
reliably or don't sell them.
One 'A' for the tank and a C- for the sockets.
Bill S.

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