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Re: wire wheel prep

To: "Paul Hunt" <>
Subject: Re: wire wheel prep
From: Paul Osborne <>
Date: Mon, 21 Aug 2006 09:16:13 -0400
With brand new hubs and wheels there is almost no rotational play in 
the wheel. If you clean the inside of the wheel where the spoke heads 
are and coat them with a good sealer the spokes will not leach the 
lubricant  that you use on the hubs . Hubs and wheel ware because of 
lack of grease and not being tight and the wheel chuck back and forth 
on the hubs. Rotating the wheels helps also.

Paul Osborne
University of Rochester
Engineering & Technical Services
Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering
201 Hopeman Bldg River Campus
Rochester, New York 14627

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