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Re: lift

To: Denise Thorpe <>,
Subject: Re: lift
From: Dan DiBiase <>
Date: Wed, 1 Nov 2006 09:42:58 -0800 (PST)
Denise Thorpe <> wrote: BlankHi Oliver,

Don't raise the car with the hood up.

But seriously folks, if there's nothing over the garage, you could raise the
roof over that bay, which is not really that big a deal but may make your
house look odd.  Or, you could make sure you get a lift with an adjustable top
limit switch.  Then you'd just be working on your car on your knees...a lot
like working on a Midget.  OR, you could have a concrete company cut a
rectangular section out of your garage floor and install a lube pit.  You'd
have to keep your garage door closed after this one because those pesky
agencies that protect us from ourselves have lots of rules about lube pits.
There are all of those nasty fumes from cars that are heavier than air and
collect in a pit.

Just some ideas.  No warranty is expressed or implied.

I'd stay away from the pit, personally - there was just a long thread about 
this topic on the MGOC BBS -

      Dan D 
The Garden State
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