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Check your local dealers. If you live close to a metro area, you may
find pricing to be incredibly cut throat. 

There is a company (Bend Pack) that makes lifts about 10 miles from
where I live (sorta kinda in the country). They do not sell direct, but
recommended a dealer based out of Los Angeles (50 miles away). 

The dealer delivered and installed a 2 post 10,000lb lift for $2700.00
excl. electrical. 

I could have probably picked up a scratch and dent deal from the factory
for about the same price, then had to load it on and off the trailer,
figure out how to install it properly after doing it a couple of times
incorrectly, then worry about how well the quickbolts went in. 

I have a portable four post and this heavy duty 2 post. Both have + and
-. Of the two, the two post is the most usable. If you have a low
ceiling and want a 2 post, go with the type that has the connecting
pipes on the floor, alternatively see if it is possible to extend the
posts upwards through the ceiling and run the pipes in the attic space. 

A 2 post does require a minimum 4" thick slab. My 10,000lb lift required
a 6" thick one.  


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we are seriously looking at putting in a lift, in a standard ceiling'd 

i would like to know if anyone has any recommendations or cautions


(can't wait!) 

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