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Re: odd overdrive symptom

To: "R. Martin Rogovein" <>, <>
Subject: Re: odd overdrive symptom
From: "Paul Hunt" <>
Date: Thu, 2 Nov 2006 10:47:15 -0000
Could the panel have been damaged already?  I while removed by a previous 
owner or garage?  Unless there are large mechanical bits floating free in 
the casing I can't see how else it would have happened.  As you say it 
shouldn't be the solenoid.  When powered it tries to move the piston to the 
middle of the coil (regardless of polarity) but the ball valve stops it 
before it reaches it, which means there is no way it could be further in to 
the unit than half-way so that powering it would throw the piston towards 
the base of the unit.  When the solenoid is de-energised it is only oil 
pressure that pushes it back down, not a spring to thwack it against the 


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> I noticed that the little square panel on the bottom (the one you remove 
> to
> get at the solonoid) is pushed out as though it recieved a hammer blow 
> from
> the inside. 

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