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RE: Attn NJ Guys - Pending Legislation

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Subject: RE: Attn NJ Guys - Pending Legislation
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Date: Mon, 6 Nov 2006 12:57:04 -0800
I may be wrong, but that bill sounds like it is giving classic/collectors
MORE time to use their cars. It is LOOSENING up the restrictions. What am I

Howard Battan
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Subject: Attn NJ Guys - Pending Legislation

Saw the following on the NJ Car Show News Yahoo Group - 

 Assembleyman John Burzichelli district 3 (Cumberland,Salem & Glouster) 
 has introduced legislation that would restrict classic cars to only be 
 driven once a week for personal use. With all the the problems in this 
 state you would think he would have better things to do. All Classic 
 car owners & clubs must band together & get this nipped in the bud. 
 Here is the link to the legislation

 Here is Burzichelli's website -

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