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Re: Attn NJ Guys - Pending Legislation

To: Dan DiBiase <>, <>,
Subject: Re: Attn NJ Guys - Pending Legislation
From: Desmond Mullen <>
Date: Mon, 06 Nov 2006 16:28:31 -0500
Hello Dan,

I may not be reading this right, but it appears to me that this legislation
actually _opens up_ use of "properly registered historic motor vehicles".
See the text from the NJ Legislature website below.

I use my '78 MGB as a daily driver (it's over 25, so technically it could be
registered as a historic motor vehicle in New Jersey), and I have it
registered just the same as I would register a newer car. If I took
advantage of cheaper "historic motor vehicle" plates I would have to comply
with the more-limited "historic motor vehicle" rules.

It sounds like this proposed law is opening those strict rules up a tiny bit
so owners can _not only_ drive their cars for exhibition or educational
purposes, but also for a little bit of pleasure driving. Sounds like a good

======== text from the NJ Legislature website ============
Under current law, owners of properly registered historic motor vehicles are
permitted to operate them solely for exhibition and educational purposes. 
This bill permits the use of these vehicles also for occasional travel or
pleasure driving, which is defined as not more than one day per week.


On 11/6/06 3:19 PM, "Dan DiBiase" <> wrote:
> Saw the following on the NJ Car Show News Yahoo Group -
> Assembleyman John Burzichelli district 3 (Cumberland,Salem & Glouster)
> has introduced legislation that would restrict classic cars to only be
> driven once a week for personal use. With all the the problems in this
> state you would think he would have better things to do. All Classic
> car owners & clubs must band together & get this nipped in the bud.
> Here is the link to the legislation
> Here is Burzichelli's website -
> Please contact your local legislators!
>     Dan D 
> The Garden State
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> '65 MGB Tourer Project - Yep, still is....
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