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RE: MGC + engine swap

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Subject: RE: MGC + engine swap
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Date: Thu, 16 Nov 2006 16:22:16 -0800
The front suspension and brakes on the MGC are far more competent than
an MGB, so there is a very good reason for choosing the C chassis over
the MGB.

But I agree that it is a shame to modify a C if it is in restorable

Keep in mind though there are still a lot of MGCs that are getting
chopped up and crushed. The values are still pretty low, so rusted cars
are not worth restoring. A lot of surviving shells have front end damage
from brake failures, since the front metal is not available these shells
are currently un-restorable.

I may as well take this moment to thank Tony Barnhill again for helping
me out with the sheet metal I needed to save my MGC GT.


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There are few C's as it is.  As long as the C engine is good, don't chop
the car. 

There are enough B's around to modify one of those first.  The B and C
engine bay are similar, I imagine you would have more problems to
overcome that would make the bay modification a simple part of the job. 
Then again, why not just put a BOPR V8 in a B and have more fun!

Just my opinion.


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