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Re: MGC engine swap

Subject: Re: MGC engine swap
Date: Mon, 20 Nov 2006 10:54:23 -0800
My engine transplant comment was meant in jest!  Generally, I am appalled by
some of the butchered cars I see at British car shows.  Engine transplants can
be an improvment though, like a sanitary 215 swap into an MGB.  Another one
that I thought was way cool was a flathead 60hp Ford V8 installed in an MGTD
that was featured in Road & Track many years ago.    


> Oh my!
> Poor MGC, vilified and if some posters had their way, deporived of a  
> perfectly good engine.
> The MGC is as reliable as a nail if you start out with a proper  restoration,
> not just a spray bomb special. The engine is smooth, and can be  
> significantly more powerful (mine is c. 175 BHP) without losing economy. The 
> handling can 
> easily be remedied.
> Once done, they make a superb touring machine. They will never be quite as  
> 'handy' as an MGB, but who would expect them to be - you wouldn't expect a  
> Healey 3000 to run rings around a Sprite in a slalom, now would you?
> I agree that there are few enough of these misunderstood beasts and it  would
> be a shame to reduce that number by even one. Go plunder a rubber bumper  MGB
> instead and no one will care.
> Pics of a reliable MGC at _ 
> ( 
> Bill

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