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Re: Bolt torque on pinion seal

To: "Valda and Merl Rosenthal" <>
Subject: Re: Bolt torque on pinion seal
From: "Monte/Jane Morris" <>
Date: Sat, 16 Dec 2006 21:02:47 -0600
Hi Merl.
I'll give you a website that will be very useful when you're rebuilding. It
is from one of this list's premier gurus, Paul Hunt. I'm glad you finally
quit lurking.....................:-).
As for the rest of the list, Merl called me today and he was at the body
shop where the paint job on his "new" car was just finished. He was so happy
he was about to pee his pants!

On 12/16/06, Valda and Merl Rosenthal <> wrote:
> My name is Merl Rosenthal and my wife and I live in Richland, WA. I am a
> friend of Monte Morris.  Monte introduced me a couple of weeks ago.  I
> have a
> question.  I am in the process of completely restoring a 1980 MGB.  This
> is my
> first restoration and I am having a ball.  The car had been sitting
> outside
> the last 16 years.  Because I live on the desert side of Washington state,
> the
> body was straight and basically rust free but everything was shot.  I have
> completely disassembled the car, inspected and cleaned all parts, stripped
> all
> the paint off the body, etc.  I just got it out of the paint shop and it
> looks
> great.  I will start reassemble during x-mas vacation.
> Here is my question.  What is the torque setting for the pinion nut?  I
> just
> replaced the seal only so I do not have to worry about the crush washer.
> Also, what size is the nut? I used a large claw wrench and a shim to take
> it
> off but need the correct size to reinstall it with my torque wrench.
> Monte and Jane Morris
> 1967 MGB, British Racing Green
> 1979 MGB, Carmine, Duel HIF's

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