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Re: Bolt torque on pinion seal

To: "Valda and Merl Rosenthal" <>,
Subject: Re: Bolt torque on pinion seal
From: "Paul Hunt" <>
Date: Sun, 17 Dec 2006 09:57:09 -0000
Unless I have misunderstood you will have to be very careful indeed with the 
crush washer or spacer.  Whilst the Workshop Manual describes a process of 
retightening the nut using torque there have been many comments that from a 
practical point of view that frequently *does* destroy the spacer. 
Therefore the recommended process is to carefully mark the position of the 
nut relative to the shaft before removal, then retighten very carefully back 
to that exact point.  But if you already have the nut off and have replaced 
the oil seal, you will have to use the torque method.  This is specified in 
pound *inches* by the way, not pound feet, therefore unless you have a very 
special torque wrench it will be no good.


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> Here is my question.  What is the torque setting for the pinion nut?  I 
> just
> replaced the seal only so I do not have to worry about the crush washer.

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