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RE: Air Filter

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Subject: RE: Air Filter
From: "Steve Shoyer" <>
Date: Sun, 17 Dec 2006 17:25:31 -0500

When I did my swap, I had to use thinner spacers as well as the conical
K&N filters.  Everything fit, although the other thing to be aware of
when using the thinner spacers is that you've got to make an adjustment
to the heat shield (hammer, Dremel, etc.) so there's enough clearance
for the linkage.

There's more info in the archives; someone might have put the part
numbers out there for the conical K&N filters - I got mine from
Brit-Tek, so they should know what you need if you give them a call.

--Steve (1980 MGB)

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After three weeks I changed my 1980 MGB Zenith Carbs to SU 135's....Has
any one gone through this?  If so what is the solution?

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