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RE: Checking Oil

Subject: RE: Checking Oil
From: "James Schulte" <>
Date: Fri, 22 Dec 2006 10:33:13 -0500
This is what I did with my 1978 MGB when I had it... If you have a late O/D 
you stick your little finger in the side hole of the tranny and feel if the 
oil is at the level of the hole. You can fill it with a tube and pump that 
attaches to your oil bottle. Local auto parts stores sell them.
On my 70B and 69C the tranny has a stick and fill that is behind the radio 
and you must pull up the carpet and pull the rubber plug to find it. I 
attached a string to it and use that to pull it out. It has a dip stick on 
it. Using the same tube and pump I described previously, you can fill it 
from there.

Jim Schulte
Aquatic Coordinator Souderton S.D.
Co-Secretary Philadelphia MG Club
Co-Coordinator MG 2008

>From: "Thomas L. Burgin" <>
>Reply-To: "Thomas L. Burgin" <>
>Subject: Checking Oil
>Date: Fri, 22 Dec 2006 09:13:10 -0600
>I have had my 1980 MGB for three months now.  I want to check the oil level 
>in the transmission.  I raised the flooring and removed the rubble seal.  I 
>have no ideal what I should feel or remove to check the oil.  When I stuck 
>my fat hand down on the transmission I  had no idea what to do next.  How 
>do I check the oil level and add oil if I need it.  Second what type of 
>engine oil should I use.  I understand that I should use engine oil and 
>what weight.
>Thomas L. Burgin

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