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Re: MGB Overdrive Transmission ?

To: Paul Osborne <>,
Subject: Re: MGB Overdrive Transmission ?
From: Carl French <>
Date: Wed, 27 Dec 2006 10:21:39 -0800 (PST),481919,482898#msg-482898
  It is a start. Also check the reverse light switch and the operation of the 
  Good luck. I was a winner in the blind install of a parts car OD last year 
(sort of). It worked fine oother than the stuck brake light switch.
  Carl French

Paul Osborne <> wrote:
  Hello, I have not posted to this list allot but it has been a very 
informative. I purchased an OD trans for a good $ at at an estate 
sale along with the engine. A 18 GH engine that has just had a full 
rebuild and not installed and a LH type OD transmission still very 
dirty and looks like it was ready to be cleaned up , mated to the 
engine and installed in the 1970 B that was sold the day before. 
Anyway, my concern is how can I tell the condition of the OD trans 
with out installing it and hope that it is ok? the trans it self 
looks to be ok. I have rebilt 2 of them before, and the inside of 
this one looks very good. Other than the few chips on the reverse 
gear , all the syncros and gears look good.
Who on the list knows about the OD units? Thanks for the help.
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