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Thermostat for TD

To: <>
Subject: Thermostat for TD
From: "Bill Cole" <>
Date: Fri, 29 Dec 2006 16:35:21 -0600
I have been running without a thermostat (by-pass blocked) for a few years and
would now like to ad a thermostat.  I know Moss has several offerings, but was
wondering if anyone had experience with parts store thermostats and ask:
1)  Did you add the thermostat at the bottom or top of the thermo housing?
2)  Did you open or block the bypass port?
3) What make or model thermo did you use?
4)  How did you secure the thermo?
It looks like a standard thermo would fit into the bottom of the housing and
if the bypass is blocked it shouldn't make much difference where it goes.
Bob Gruneau suggested adding a small hole to the thermo shell as a sort of
pseudo bypass.  Any thoughts?
Bill Cole

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