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Re: Temp sensor position

To: Barrie Robinson <>
Subject: Re: Temp sensor position
From: Chad Cooper <>
Date: Fri, 29 Dec 2006 17:23:08 -0600
If the engine hasn't stopped the water pump is still pumping. I can't 
tell exactly what you are describing, sitting at idle or turning the 
engine off.   If you have turned the engine off there is no point in the 
fan running because it will just be cooling the water in the radiator 
that is no longer moving, and the fan will not cool the block much at 
all by itself.  If you are concerned about idling it shouldn't matter if 
the fan is off because the water in the radiator is cool enough to make 
the fan go off, and that cooler water is circulating through the engine 
block.  You might try to adjust the fan turn on temp, some of the 
sensors are adjustable.

Barrie Robinson wrote:

> Folks at world,
> Having had some fun with the over-heating in my MGB GT V8 I have sort 
> of worried around all the aspects thus learning a great deal from our 
> gurus (for which many thanks).  There are still some facets that 
> require some scientific confirmation but one little item comes to the 
> top of my greying grey matter......  My temp sensor is on the radiator 
> and this controls the electric fan.   Thus when the rad is cooled 
> while the car is stationary, off goes the fan despite the fact that 
> the engine block may be still stonking hot!   There is practically no 
> heat path between them when the pump has stopped swirling water.  
> Would it not be better therefore to put the sensor on the block, or at 
> least the intake manifold?
> Regards
> Barrie
> Barrie Robinson
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