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Subject: Re: [Mgs] MG sighting - the octagon
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Date: Thu, 3 Apr 2008 10:27:03 +1000
Hi Dave,

Interesting pics.  It amazing where these things pop up.  BTW saw a lovely
yellow Rubber Bumper BGT in Shanghai when I was there in January.  Am off to
Beijing and Shanghai again on Tuesday so will keep my eyes peeled.  Mind you
lots of MG ZTs on the road up there now.

Cheers - Murray Arundell

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Subject: [Mgs] MG sighting - the octagon

I took my 67BGT out for a spin today, the first time in well over a
month. It was a bit cold outside (about -5 C) but it started right up
and ran well. But thats not why I am writing. One of the reasons my car
has been parked was because I was off on a trip to eastern Europe for
two weeks and I just got back last week.

Anyway, I was wandering about the streets of Belgrade when I came upon
the familiar sign of the octagon (a much more pleasant sign than the
ever present golden arches I might add). I took some pictures which I
thought might be of interest:

It was a Sunday so the store associated with the sign was closed. But
other than the sign, I did not see anything anyway related to MG. The
window had a lot of young children's toys displayed. In fact, I did not
see any MGs or any other British cars during my eastern European
travels, except for a couple of Defenders (Land Rovers). I saw only one
chrome bumper car, a 60s Volvo, in Budapest. Otherwise, people over
there pretty much drove the same modern plasticky cars I see everywhere
else, well except the makes and models were a bit different than what I
see in the USA even though they all look almost alike to me anymore and
they tended to be more subcompact models.

David Councill
67 BGT
72 B
2001 Land Rover Discovery II
1974 Toyota Landcruiser
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