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[Mgs] Help - can't get new top back up!

Subject: [Mgs] Help - can't get new top back up!
From: Derek Vandivere <>
Date: Sun, 13 Apr 2008 20:41:04 +0200
Well, my new mohair top may stay in pretty good shape forever - I can't 
get the top back up! Figuring it was more than I could do myself, I 
hired my garage to do it (and as always, the initial quote was off by 
50%). Picked up the B a few weeks ago, and the mechanic said I should 
try to leave the top up until it gets rained on so the material can 
stretch out a bit, since it was such a tight fit. So, no problem living 
in Amsterdam; first time I took it out, it got rained on for half an 
hour and I kept the top up so it'd soak in.

So, today, we finally go out for our first drive ever with the Dutch MG 
club. A hailstorm is not the best time to find out you can't get the top 
back up. It's as if the frame is too high - trying to close the two 
clips seems like it's pushing the tabs into the window frame (as in, 
straight forward) and not into the slot (as in, diagonally downward). 
I've been dumping water on the top for the past four hours and trying to 
get the damn top closed. Still no luck.

So, is this a normal break-in kind of thing to have to deal with? The 
top can clearly go up somehow, since it was up when I picked it up from 
the mechanic. I just have visions of four of his assistants standing on 
top of the header bar to get the thing closed, given the amount of force 
I've been using...

And of course we're off on a five day driving holiday to Scotland at the 
end of the month. I'd really rather not take the Saab...

Derek, at least it was a good drive!
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