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[Mgs] Run the MG on methane

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Subject: [Mgs] Run the MG on methane
From: "Monte/Jane Morris" <>
Date: Tue, 17 Jun 2008 07:55:22 -0500
Well, while we have the hydrogen discussion.........................
I've been thinking for a while about makeing my own methane using a digester
and the ample cow manure we  have here in the midwest.
There's an article in the MOther Earth News back in the 70's about a guy in
Europe who did this and easily converted a carburated car to run methane
with a simple hose from an LP tank and a valve to start the flow located on
his steering column. I probably would try the process out on an old 90 Chevy
that I use around the "farm" before I went any farther. The digester can be
made (supposedly) from a large container with a water, hay, manure mix in it
and another container that fits tightly upside down inside the first and a
stopcock on the top to let air out until the methane displaces it.
We recently spent two months in China, and I'd read about Chinese farmers
using this process and a simple inner tube holding the methane on top of
their small tractor. Used a brick to  create the  few pounds of pressure
needed to deliver it to the carb. Unfortunately, I didn't see anything
resembling this in our travels throughout China.

I'm looking for someone with more info about this process; can anyone put me
in contact with someone?
Support Team.Net

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