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Subject: Re: [Mgs] Run the MG on methane
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Date: Wed, 18 Jun 2008 19:51:06 +0200
Well that's a thing, which is done regulary overhere.
This fuel is called LPG (Liquified Petrol Gas), which normally is a waste 
product when the oil companies are producing normal gas and diesel fuel.
So this stuff is pretty cheap to produce and well distributed overhere in 
the Netherlands and some other countries on the European continent. I have 
had serious problems to find an LPG gas station in the UK in the late 
eighties, but perhaps that has been changed.

I have seen many MG's running on LPG, mostly these were BGT's and the more 
modern Z series.
It may well be, that some of the Magnette's may drive around with an LPG 
Why is this fuel so interesting?
It is much cheaper than normal fuel, it has a high octane rating - even 
higher than the 4 star ratings in the UK and it is quite clean compared with 
normal petrol (UK) / gas (US).
In the eighties I've driven several cars on LPG and evertime I was surprised 
how clean the oil stayed even after 10,000 miles.
For normal cars the road tax on LPG cars is the highest.
Overhere cars with an age over 25 years old do not have to pay any road tax, 
as these cars are expected to drive a minimal distance per year.


Hans - '71 BGT not to have LPG - very low milage/year

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Subject: [Mgs] Run the MG on methane

> Well, while we have the hydrogen discussion.........................
> I've been thinking for a while about makeing my own methane using a 
> digester
> and the ample cow manure we  have here in the midwest.
> There's an article in the MOther Earth News back in the 70's about a guy 
> in
> Europe who did this and easily converted a carburated car to run methane
> with a simple hose from an LP tank and a valve to start the flow located 
> on
> his steering column. I probably would try the process out on an old 90 
> Chevy
> that I use around the "farm" before I went any farther. The digester can 
> be
> made (supposedly) from a large container with a water, hay, manure mix in 
> it
> and another container that fits tightly upside down inside the first and a
> stopcock on the top to let air out until the methane displaces it.
> We recently spent two months in China, and I'd read about Chinese farmers
> using this process and a simple inner tube holding the methane on top of
> their small tractor. Used a brick to  create the  few pounds of pressure
> needed to deliver it to the carb. Unfortunately, I didn't see anything
> resembling this in our travels throughout China.
> I'm looking for someone with more info about this process; can anyone put 
> me
> in contact with someone?
> Monte
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