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Subject: Re: [Mgs] Fan Mounting
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Date: Tue, 17 Jun 2008 10:38:37 -0700

If you are running the short 18V style water pump and the metal 6 bladed
fan, then there was a spacer used. It's a very rare bird, as the plastic
fan came out pretty soon after the 18V was adopted. The plastic fan uses
a different spacer.

The earlier spacer was set up with the 2 3/8" bolt pattern used on the
steel fan. The later spacer (434-375-12H4277) has the 1 3/4" pattern as
used on the plastic fan.

Check the fan to radiator clearance, if you find you do want to use a
spacer and can't find the original, Moss does supply them for use with
their supercharger kit which uses the short water pump on all the early
engines. The part number is 771-715 and it retails for $29.95. It does
have to be transferred from the manufacturing warehouse, so expect a one
day delay.

Either that or find someone that installed a 68-74 supercharger kit on a
73-74 car. They will not have used the spacer supplied in the kit.


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> Hello again,
> The question this time is: is there supposed to be a fan
> spacer between the water pump pulley and the fan on a '72 MGB
> with the 18V engine? It uses the six bladed metal fan.
> The length of the four bolts that secure the fan indicate
> that there's a spacer required, but I've torn the place apart
> and cannot find one.
> Thanks,
> Ed Woods
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