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Re: [Mgs] Fan Mounting

Subject: Re: [Mgs] Fan Mounting
From: Bob Howard <>
Date: Wed, 18 Jun 2008 08:32:32 -0400
 Hi Ed,
    Kelvin gave you the answer you need, but there can be a bit more to
the story----
    It's possible to do some mix&matching of water pumps on these
engines.  I had one, for example, with a "long" pump on an 18 V and metal
fan.  When I ordered a new pump at rebuild time, the right (short)  pump
for the 18V, I found that the pulley used on the long pump would rub on
the pump toward the engine, and so required a spacer to move it forward
for clearance.  Well and good, except that the "correct" spacer then
caused misalignment of the belt grooves. I couldn't find a correct pulley
for this pump (rushing to get the car running for some club event) so I
turned off the rear (engine side) pulley groove and made a spacer of 1/4"
(maybe 3/16) aluminium that fits inside the pulley I had. The spacer
caused the grooves to align.
    That makes me a DPO also, since it works fine but it's not per the
   You may find mix & match in your car too.....
On Tue, 17 Jun 2008 13:07:45 -0400 "Ed Woods" <>
> Hello again,
> The question this time is: is there supposed to be a fan spacer 
> between the 
> water pump pulley and the fan on a '72 MGB with the 18V engine? It 
> uses the 
> six bladed metal fan.
> The length of the four bolts that secure the fan indicate that 
> there's a 
> spacer required, but I've torn the place apart and cannot find one.
> Thanks,
> Ed Woods 
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