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[Mgs] Back from the June Sprints

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Subject: [Mgs] Back from the June Sprints
From: Paul Root <>
Date: Sun, 22 Jun 2008 19:34:14 -0500
We just got back, and had a good weekend. Larry stopped by this  
morning before the race and we talked for a few minutes.

None race cars at the track were disappointing this year. There was a  
BMW and a Subaru in Brit's Pits. Lot's of Corvettes, several Ferraris,  
There were a couple TR6s in Elk Hart Lake and an XKE. We saw a TVR in  
Plymouth on Saturday, and near turn 3 on Sunday.
Some old Minis, lots of new. A Ford GT and a Pantera.

Oh, an XKR and a Quattroporte.  That's really it.

Of course, we didn't get out much, were working on the car much of  
Saturday. I got there Friday at 3:30 and Rich had just finished
putting in his spare transmission, which was a thrown in core for the  
new race car he bought this spring. He took it out, and fifth didn't  

Saturday morning, he borrowed the spare transmission from the eventual  
winner. We got that in Saturday morning, and were on the track for the  
afternoon qualifying. He did just a few laps, and was happy that the  
car was running. We put it up on jack stands and waited for Sunday.

It was a good race, but the top 4 cars were all former GP cars. Pole  
was 5-6 seconds faster than the track record for HP. So they don't  
have it figured out yet. They had 5 cars with data acquisistion black  
boxes to get a feel for how things were. Rich came in 5th, or 1st in  
the classic HP race. The fastest of last years HP guys weren't there  
though. Except for the 510, but he broke, sad to say.

So we have to start a movement to take back Brit's Pits for the  
Runoffs in 2009. I'm planning on driving the 'B since the kids will be  
in school, and I'll be going down alone.

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