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Re: [Mgs] Fuel tank problem--ideas?

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Subject: Re: [Mgs] Fuel tank problem--ideas?
From: Max Heim <>
Date: Sun, 22 Jun 2008 16:43:03 -0700
Having a filter before the pump might in itself be the problem.

on 6/20/08 9:29 PM, Stuart MacMillan at wrote:

> Yes, the tank is vented, and I've left the cap off and it makes no
> difference.  The pump can't suck fuel out of the tank on a regular basis, so
> the suction creates bubbles in the pump, that's what I mean by cavitation.
> I think there is some debris in the tank that partially plugs the pick up.
> I have a clear filter before the pump, and it doesn't look clogged.  I've
> seen this once before in the '80's, when a piece of surgical tubing was
> stuffed back into the tank after someone siphoned gas during the last gas
> "crisis".  After a few years, the thing dissolved into swollen goo particles
> that clogged the pick up intermittently.
> I guess 43 years is enough for a gas tank.
> Stuart
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> Sent: Friday, June 20, 2008 5:41 PM
> To: Stuart MacMillan
> Subject: Re: [Mgs] Fuel tank problem--ideas?
> Stuart,
> Here's a thought: Is the tank vented somewhere? It has to be y'know. If you
> cannot find a vent, remove the gas cap and drive it. Does the problem go
> away? If so, vent the tank by drilling a hole in your gas cap; not the
> chrome cover, the part that seals the opening.
> Ed


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