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[Mgs] Mgs] MG practicality

Subject: [Mgs] Mgs] MG practicality
From: don <>
Date: Sat, 28 Jun 2008 09:01:44 -0800
I'm the guilty party!  Sorry to ruffle feathers.  I still believe what I 
said.  There are other things that come into play also.  When I used to 
drive my MGs as regular transportation, up until early 1990s or so, ithey 
weren't that old ('67 and '74 Bs). So, their needs were not as great just 
due to lack of age and wear.  Parts were really inexpensive due to the 
favorable exchange rate- dollar was at parity to pound for awhile.  And 
they were very inexpensive to buy in the first place, and not needing much 
to keep them running.  So, it's a lot of factors.  Also, I'm older, and 
maybe not as tolerant.
Don Scott

At 03:22 AM 06/28/2008, Paul Hunt wrote:

>Paul Hunt most emphatically does NOT say that, quite the opposite!!
>   ----- Original Message -----
>   Paul Hunt says, "I love MGs but they are totally impractical! I do drive a
>   Miata and a Honda."

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