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[Mgs] Spridgeteer HELP needed - clutch hydraulics

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Subject: [Mgs] Spridgeteer HELP needed - clutch hydraulics
From: Phil Bates <>
Date: Sun, 29 Jun 2008 00:28:35 -0700
   A  friend  of mine is having a hell of a time with his spridget clutch
   hydraulics.  He has a bug-eye sprite, with the old clutch/brake master
   (same  as  an  MGA  or early midget) - but he put in a 1275 engine and
   trans.   Everything  seems to fit except the hydraulic lines.  Looking
   at my MGA, I think he should adopt their system - banjo and banjo bolt
   at the master cyl, and a flex hose at the slave - but he seems to want
   to  go  all  flare end brake lines that should (and have not yet) seat
   and  seal  -  no flexline, but a 3 times around spiral for the rocking
   motion of the car.

   Can  anyone  relay  experience  that says the best way to go with this
   type of conversion/set-up??

   Phil Bates
   On Sat Jun 28 19:07 , Dan DiBiase sent:
     Wow,  tough going for sure.... Hang in their, we're all thinking of
     you and your neighbors.....
     Dan D
     Central NJ USA
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     '65 MGB Tourer Project - Yep, Still Is....
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     Hope you're in a high spot, Jim......!
     Dan D
     We're okay.I actually live in the tiny town of Lima on the bluffs
     overlooking  the  flood plain. We're only a mile from the river now
     since the
     levee  broke  at the dam at Meyer instead of the normal five miles,
     though. One
     of  my  brothers lives (or lived I guess I should say) in Meyer, he
     has eight
     feet  of  muddy  water  in his house. It's not over, either. We got
     4-6" of rain
     last  night that is threatening to collapse several levees that are
     struggling to hold back the river in this area.
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