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Subject: Re: [Mgs] List Down?
Date: Wed, 07 Jan 2009 10:01:11 -0500
Sorry I missed the beginning of this thread.  In Boston,
Dorchester is pronounce 'Dor-Chest-er' but Worcester 'Wister'.  I
lived in the Boston area for 30 years and never understood it. Another
30 years later and I still don't understand it.

Bill Saidel

Regarding the lack of MGB material, here's a question I could use
advice on. I have a 76 B and a 74 B. My 76 is my 1st...I've had it for
12 years. Clearly, I have an emotional attachment to it. Rationally,
it is beginning to fall apart...fenders are held on with plumber's
epoxy (great stuff). Rust in one of the main channels has poked a hole
in it.. Still all is repairable and it rides nicely.

The 74 is nicer in design, love the chrome bumper look, but it needs
certain dash refurbishing (the 76 does not), a bit of body work
(dents, not rust). Needs other stuff that I can do, too.

I can only keep one and I think it is my last. I have between now and
May to decide. Arghhhh.... Things I'd like to daydream about with
either....a 6 cylinder engine, an upgraded braking system and a
5-speed manual transmission.

Which do I stay with...???? What do I think about in making such a decision?
How's that for a question with no answer!

Bill Saidel

Quoting Paul Hunt <>:
> It is *supposed* to be ...
>> PaulH.
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>   I'm amused that 'worcestershire' is often pronounced as simply 'woos-ter'
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