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Date: Wed, 7 Jan 2009 19:10:25 +0100
How about the British money (penney).
A two pence (the word for more than one penney) coin is called twopence, 
pronounced toppence.



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> Sorry I missed the beginning of this thread.  In Boston,
> Dorchester is pronounce 'Dor-Chest-er' but Worcester 'Wister'.  I
> lived in the Boston area for 30 years and never understood it. Another
> 30 years later and I still don't understand it.
> Bill Saidel
> Regarding the lack of MGB material, here's a question I could use
> advice on. I have a 76 B and a 74 B. My 76 is my 1st...I've had it for
> 12 years. Clearly, I have an emotional attachment to it. Rationally,
> it is beginning to fall apart...fenders are held on with plumber's
> epoxy (great stuff). Rust in one of the main channels has poked a hole
> in it.. Still all is repairable and it rides nicely.
> The 74 is nicer in design, love the chrome bumper look, but it needs
> certain dash refurbishing (the 76 does not), a bit of body work
> (dents, not rust). Needs other stuff that I can do, too.
> I can only keep one and I think it is my last. I have between now and
> May to decide. Arghhhh.... Things I'd like to daydream about with
> either....a 6 cylinder engine, an upgraded braking system and a
> 5-speed manual transmission.
> Which do I stay with...???? What do I think about in making such a 
> decision?
> How's that for a question with no answer!
> Bill Saidel
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