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Subject: Re: [Mgs] Oil Article
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Date: Wed, 14 Jan 2009 15:45:57 -0800
I've rebuilt several engines in my time and have always changed the oil and 
filter after the initial break-in, 500 miles and 1000 miles as per the 
advice of an old engine rebuilder.  If this technique has done any good or 
not I can not say but...
The oil has always been clean there after, never black and sludgy between 
normal (3500 mile) oil changes.  And,  I have never had any oil related wear 
problems after putting many thousands of miles on the engines.
Danny V.
'58 MGA
'76 MGB V-6
'33 Ford streetrod

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Subject: [Mgs] Oil Article

> Just got my copy of Moss's British Motoring mag.  Was looking at the 
> Oil/ZDDP article.  Nice little box on what type of oils to use on initial 
> break in, first thousand miles, thereafter.  Whups!  Initial break in is 
> described as first 30 minutes or so of operation after a rebuild.  Wellll, 
> OK but then is sez to change the oil and filter right after that run in 
> period.  Huh?  Never seen that before.  Sounds like overkill to me.
>   Thoughts?
>   CR
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