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Subject: Re: [Mgs] Oil Article
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Date: Thu, 15 Jan 2009 10:52:21 -0800
Be a little careful of comparing oil change recommendations for new cars and
rebuilt engines. Porsche, for instance, puts every engine through a full
break in procedure before ever installing the engine in a car. This includes
a break in cycle, followed by a full run up to maximum operating RPM's under
full load, all done on a dyno. It is really something to see a Turbo 911
engine at full revs pulling the dyno, with cherry red exhaust pipes! Other
manufacturers have different procedures to pre-break in engines, & if not,
have tested their assembly procedures to determine that the engines will
give sufficient service life to outlive the warrantee, and to avoid
excessive negative customer feedback.

Your local machinist and/or engine rebuilder probably has not done either
the break in procedure, or the research (at least from a scientific or
engineering perspective) to ensure the reliability of our rebuilds, nor can
we afford to. Most of us in the auto trade would rather take enough
precautions to ensure that our customers engines will survive with minimum
issues. The alternative is unhappy customers, and/or expensive warrantee
claims which would greatly shorten the time we would be in business.
Personally, if it costs my customer an extra oil & filter change to ensure
that he may have fewer engine problems at some time in the future, then it
is worth it to me, much cheaper for him and provides greater peace of mind
to both of us.

Michael Singleton
Sportscars Ltd
10170 Croydon Way
Suite M
Sacramento, CA 95826

> The '07 Ford V6 pickup I have had its first oil/filter change at 3,000 
> miles.

And my new Subaru was at 7500 miles.

But new cars are not MGs, and oil formulations change.

The engine I pulled out of dad's old car is in fine shape, nary a problem
with it.  IIRC, we changed the oil once at 1000 miles, again at 3000, and
then every 3000 beyond that.  We didn't have to deal with SM rated oil then.

When I rebuild mine, I'll do exactly as the article says, because it's only
a bit of money and time.  There is no harm in changing the oil too soon and
nebulous, but potentially great harm in waiting too long.

What's $30 compared to the cost of a cam?

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