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Date: Sat, 17 Jan 2009 14:04:12 -0000
Sure from having seen it.  I toured Longbridge in the early 70s, possibly late
60s. Amongst many other things saw them dip-priming body shells, with Minis
they put a huge shaft right through the body and rolled it through the tank
like it was on a spit.  Huge steam hammers banged out crankshafts from plain
billets in just three blows using progressively more accurate dies.  Induction
heaters got the gears on cam shafts glowing red hot in 2 or 3 seconds.  In
those days while they bought small components in the rest of the cars were
built virtually from scratch, from stamping out crankshafts as I say to the
upholstery shop where they cut and stitched all the interior trimmings.

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  Wow! Are you sure?  First time I've heard of that.

  Paul Hunt wrote:
  > Even BL, bless their cotton socks, used to put their engines through a
  > break-in cycle in the 70s.  At the end of the production line they were
  > with some kind of oil and bolted to a moving platform that engaged with
  > end or the other of the crank.  As they went along the crank was spun at
  > couple of thousand rpm or so for several minutes, then drained at the
  > Not as comprehensive as this, but better than nowt.
  > PaulH.
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