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[Mgs] British Car Cottage Industries web site

Subject: [Mgs] British Car Cottage Industries web site
From: Barrie Robinson <>
Date: Sat, 31 Jan 2009 15:45:52 -0500
You may remember that a while back I started a web site called the 
"British Car Cottage Industries" or BCCI for short.   I have 
diligently pursued its growth and now it seems to be getting, on 
average, 25 hits a day - not a lot but enough to be useful.   What I 
have difficulty in is understanding the lack of response for 
participants/listers.  I had the impression that there were dozens of 
people like myself who made something for our Brit cars but have such 
a low sales volume that advertising expenditure was not economically 
viable.  But I have to virtually plead to get people on the 
site.  Because of this low response I started the "Specialists 
List".  This is for those commercially viable (and thus excluded from 
the cottagers list) concerns that are specialists or make/provide 
something in-house.  I have found amazing people who have a thriving 
business in the run-of-the-mill products but make   items they never 
even mention.  So you can find this company that supplies all sorts 
of stuff but in the back they make distributor caps for lots of Brit 
vehicles and also have NOS ones.

The idea of the Specialists List is to show those organisations who 
do do special work.  How many times have you heard the plea "Do you 
know anybody who supplies/restores/ repairs X Y Z ".  Such 
information is gold to us enthusiasts.  For instance I needed my 
alternator and starter rebuilt for my 1955 Aston Martin, the local 
chap hummed and hawed and mumbled $750 each.  By messaging the List I 
got a reply from a lister to use someone in California - I did - and 
got both done back into original cores (so numbers match) for $240 
for BOTH !!!

I am not exactly sure why I am blasting this off but I think I just 
want to vent my spleen (no, it's not steam!).  If you know of anyone 
who fits the BCCI criteria please give them a buzz - NOT to me as I 
have enough to chase up.  If you have not looked at the BCCI web site 
then please do so


Barrie Robinson
(705) 721-9060 
Support Team.Net

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