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Re: [Mgs] British Car Cottage Industries web site

To:,, Barrie Robinson <>
Subject: Re: [Mgs] British Car Cottage Industries web site
From: Rick Lindsay <>
Date: Sat, 31 Jan 2009 13:19:53 -0800 (PST)
Funny, I had forgotten all about that site.  It's a great resource and I hope 
it continues to expand!  Thanks for bringing it up again!

rick - MG-less, for now

> You may remember that a while back I started a web site
> called the "British Car Cottage Industries" or
> BCCI for short.   I have diligently pursued its growth and
> now it seems to be getting, on average, 25 hits a day - not
> a lot but enough to be useful.   What I have difficulty in
> is understanding the lack of response for
> participants/listers.  I had the impression that there were
> dozens of people like myself who made something for our Brit
> cars but have such a low sales volume that advertising
> expenditure was not economically viable.  But I have to
> virtually plead to get people on the site.  Because of this
> low response I started the "Specialists List". 
> This is for those commercially viable (and thus excluded
> from the cottagers list) concerns that are specialists or
> make/provide something in-house.  I have found amazing
> people who have a thriving business in the run-of-the-mill
> products but make   items they never even mention.  So you
> can find this company that supplies all sorts of stuff but
> in the back they make distributor caps for lots of Brit
> vehicles and also have NOS ones.
> The idea of the Specialists List is to show those
> organisations who do do special work.  How many times have
> you heard the plea "Do you know anybody who
> supplies/restores/ repairs X Y Z ".  Such information
> is gold to us enthusiasts.  For instance I needed my
> alternator and starter rebuilt for my 1955 Aston Martin, the
> local chap hummed and hawed and mumbled $750 each.  By
> messaging the List I got a reply from a lister to use
> someone in California - I did - and got both done back into
> original cores (so numbers match) for $240 for BOTH !!!
> I am not exactly sure why I am blasting this off but I
> think I just want to vent my spleen (no, it's not
> steam!).  If you know of anyone who fits the BCCI criteria
> please give them a buzz - NOT to me as I have enough to
> chase up.  If you have not looked at the BCCI web site then
> please do so
> Regards
> Barrie
> Barrie Robinson
> (705) 721-9060
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