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Re: [Mgs] 1967 O/D driveshaft

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Subject: Re: [Mgs] 1967 O/D driveshaft
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Date: Mon, 21 Dec 2009 10:51:42 -0000
The sliding joint is there to take account of positioning tolerances in the 
mounting of engine and rear axle, as well as their relative movement when 
driving.  If you have a banjo axle then the difference is 1.125", whereas if 
you have Salisbury it is 'only' 0.875.  If you measure the fitted length of 
your propshaft (axle hanging on its straps as this extends the shaft), and 
compare that to the fully compressed length and the maximum expanded length 
without the splines starting to disengage, you will have a better idea of 
how feasible reuse will be.  The biggest problem would be if it bottomed, 
but that isn't going to occur with a non-OD shaft in an OD application as it 
is the OD application that needs the longer shaft.  If it pulls out too far 
then the splines will start to disengage, which will increase the stresses 
on what remains in engagement.  FWIW on a V8 shaft from being fully 
compressed there is 2" of movement available before the splines even start 
to disengage, and 2 1/4" of male spline on the shaft itself.  It has a fully 
compressed length of 29.75", and a fitted length of 31.25".  The result is 
there is just over an inch of movement either way from a notional perfect 
central point without the risk of either bottoming or the splines starting 
to disengage.  If your fitted length is more than an inch longer than the 
theoretical 30" for a non-OD banjo or 31.125" for a non-OD Salisbury then 
it's maybe not such a good idea to use it.


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> Can I really not use the driveshaft from my non O/D 5-main, 3-syncro 
> gearbox
> when I do the O/D conversion?


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