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Subject: Re: [Mgs] Brake Master Cylinder
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Date: Wed, 23 Dec 2009 09:01:45 -0000
Leaks from where?  The banjo union?  If so reseal it.  The other end of the 
cylinder where the push-rod goes in?  If so try pumping the pedal up and 
down as fast as you can for as long as you can, which should soften up the 
seals, if the weather is cold try warming up the cylinder first with a hair 
drier or fan heater.  New cylinders and long layups with no fluid can allow 
seals to dry out, harden and leak back when refilled.  A pal putting his car 
back on the road after a couple of years had the main seal weeping (gears 
intermittently graunching and baulking) until he tried this, which very 
fortuitously was a tip published in that months issue of the MGOC magazine.

If it's leaking from anywhere else then it may be no good, although if it's 
from between the reservoir and the cylinder you *may* be able to solder it. 
I've had the reservoir corroded through in the past, but I hardly think that 
is the cause on a new one.


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>I just put on a brand new brake master cylinder on my 1973 MGB.  I have had 
>it on the shelf for the last two years.
> The problem I have is that the master cylinder leaks. 


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