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Subject: Re: [Mgs] Brake Master Cylinder
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Date: Wed, 23 Dec 2009 16:46:08 -0700
The plastic reservoir does have two flat round rubber seals where it
seals against the metal cylinder. So a leak is possible from either one.
I don't know how standard they are. They are in this Moss Motor
illustration as part of the master cylinder rebuild kit:

Anymore I just order the actual parts if I can. A few times I have had
to look for generic seals (like the rubber seals where the jets enter
the float bowl on the SU carbs). Finding the correct flat seals has been
a problem as the generic o-rings I have found tend to be round not flat
although they may work if proper diameter and thickness. But for $17.95
USD and shipping, you will get what should be the sure thing.

David Councill
64 B
67 BGT
72 B

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This is a 1973 dual master cylinder that I purchased new a couple of
ago and has the plastic tank reservior.

It is not leaking at the rear connection.  Can only assume that it is
leaking at the tank area.

Are the "O" rings standard where I can just go to the autoparts store
get new and what size are they?

Finally getting around to getting the car running after 6 years of

I have had the car since brand new and have upgraded the engine with
side draft carb, Pace headers, an upgraded cam, and 30 over pistons.

This is the cheapest solution I have.  I had been looking at Lotus
but they are not cheap and I really cannot get my 6'3" body into one
plus my
sir arthur really acts up also when trying to get into one.  .

Oh by the way my race car is a Lotus Super 7.  Getting in is like
on a pair of shoes.



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