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From: Dan DiBiase <>
Date: Mon, 29 Mar 2010 04:21:01 -0700 (PDT)
I'm curious as to what she was asking for her 'baby'. Strange that she was so 
attached to it yet let it decline to the point
where it's now a project....

I agree re: the manual trans thing. Of course, so few cars come with them these 
days, and now it seems a lot of manufacturers
are going the 'automated manual' route, which most people just leave in 
automatic mode anyways.... Both of my boys know how
to drive a stick, and the car they share is a stick as well. My daughter will 
learn when it's her turn. Wanting to drive my 6-speed
Audi versus the family van was a pretty powerful incentive! ;-)

 Dan D
Central NJ USA
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Subject: [Mgs] searching . . .

Last week I took a trek to look at a '69 B roadster.  I have narrowed my search 
to a steel-dash car, but this one was intriguiging enough to look at even with 
the safety dash and other features that I'd rather avoid.  In talking with the 
owner on the phone, I was told that she had owned the car since the mid-'70s, 
and it was more than a car; it was her baby.  Now the car lives (sleeps) in the 
corner of an old industrial building in an old industrial neighborhood.  It 
sounded like a possible "barn-find," but I knew that the chances of it being 
that were quite slim.

Just finding the right door to the old warehouse building was an adventure.  
Once inside, I found two young men that were working there and they directed me 
to the owner's office upstairs.  She explained that she could not leave her 
desk as the business was short-handed, and that she would have the young guys 
help me.  They were quite cooperative, but neither of them knew how to drive a 
standard transmission.  One of them asked if it was a German car, but the other 
fellow knew such cars once existed because he had seen Austin Powers movies.  
They removed the canvas tarp on the car, and pushed it out to daylight where I 
could look at it better.  It was a complete car and I could see no rust on it, 
but body panels were not aligned well.  The interior was on the shabby side.  
The car's condition was such that repairs and some TLC would not quite do the 
trick; it would require restoration.  It ran, but poorly.  It was a rather sad 
old car, but probably
 better than many its age.

I decided to keep looking.

What was a shock to me was that the young guys working there not only could not 
drive a standard transmission, but had no clue as to what MGs were!  When I was 
their age, I knew what a Hupmobile or an Auburn was.  I knew about Model T 
Fords.  I think the younger generation are never going to be into British 
sports cars, especially if they can't even shift gears!

Don Scott
Calistoga, CA

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Suggested annual donation  $12.75

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