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Subject: Re: [Mgs] searching .
From: Jack Feldman <>
Date: Mon, 29 Mar 2010 13:58:28 -0500
If you think that is bad, listen to this.

My mother-in-law always bought a stripped down care. Her last car was a
Plymouth Duster. You might say it was a NO car. No radio, no clock, not
automatic transmission, etc. It began to have problems with starting,
evidently standard for that car. You had to take the air cleaner off, drop a
screwdriver down the carb throat to keep the butterfly open, then start the

Everyone said it was the carburetor but not one would do anything to fix.
it. I finally took it to the local Chrysler/Plymouth dealer to see if they
would fix it. When I went to pick it up (they didn't fix it either), *the
Chrysler mechanic didn't know how to drive a stick shift.*

If they couldn't, who could?

I think we have the same problem with our wire wheeled cars. Not to many
tire shops have ever seen an inner-tube. ,much less know how to fix one.

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